Top 10 Posts of 2007: #10 - #8

Now it's time for THE MIGHTY BLOG TOP TEN COUNTDOWN! And here are your hosts, DICK CLARK and RYAN SEACREST!!!!!

DICK: Thank you very much, and welcome to our show. I'm TV's Dick Clark!

RYAN: And I'm Ryan Seacrest. I have no talent whatsoever. But over the next few days, I'll be helping Dick to ring in the new year by counting down Mighty Dyckerson's top ten blog posts of 2007!

DICK: Right you are, you fucking fruitcake! Let's get started with number 10. The year 2007 came in with a real bang when Saddam Hussein got his neck stretched for being such a meanie. And our own Mighty Dyckerson scored the interview of the year when he sat down with Ralph Al-Yossef, the guy who executed Saddam. Coming in at number 10, here's Dope On A Rope!!!


RYAN: Ahh, that was a classic. Being gay, I appreciate a good butt...especially when it's on a guy. But earlier this year, Mighty Dyckerson wrote about a female fanny that made quite an impression on him. Here's number 9 on our countdown, I Am An Ass Man!!!


DICK: Ha ha ha ha ha! You know Ryan, when I look at you, I immediately think about feces.

RYAN: Bite me, you washed-up old prune.

DICK: Shut it, asshole. I brought up feces because we have TIE at number 8...and both posts deal with excrement! The first post was about an unfortunate incident that took place in a movie theater years ago. It's called Sandra Bullock Makes Me Crap My Pants. The second post was so good, it was a two-parter! From September 2007, I give you An Inconvenient Poop!!! And don't forget An Inconvenient Poop - Part 2!!!


RYAN: That's some great material right there!

DICK: You got that right, you flaming fucker! Stay tuned tomorrow for numbers 7 through 5!!!!!


Stan!! said...

I believe few (sane) people could find fault with the Inconvenient poop series of posts.A masterpiece of twenty-first century writing. "An Inconvenient Poop" (2007)exposes the tenuous fabric that holds "civilization" together.
Dyckerson's struggle to fathom his experience involves him in a radical questioning of not only his own bowel movements and values but the bowel movements and values of American society as a whole. A profoundly moving experience. Truly Dyck at the peak of his literary form.

Sassy Blondie said...

Stan, you are so funny!

Dyckie, I hate Ryan Seacrest! He's a self-promoting troll. I want to physically hurt him.

sputnick said...

Damn! Just now I realized I hadn't finished going through all of the archive. These are pretty darn good... though of course one wouldn't expect anything less from TMB.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Stan - Well put, ol' chap! But you should have seen the "tenuous fabric" of my shorts after I crapped in them! Yikes!!

Ms. Blondie - Stop flirting with Stan!!!

Spitnack - Just pretty darn good?!! They're EXCELLENT! Each one a classic in its own right!!