Well it's hard to believe yet another year has gone by. So many great moments have been chronicled here. Almost 140 posts, and every one a classic. How does one go about selecting the best? A daunting task to say the least...but the staff of The Mighty Blog has combed through the archives and whittled down the list to the top ten. Ten incredible, unforgettable posts that defined Dyckerson in 2006. So join us now as we take a look back at this year's most memorable blog moments!

10. Fuck Geese - An amusing anecdote about my encounters with a pack of evil geese at the office park where I used to work.

9. Get The Fuck Out - Last March, one of my old co-workers at my old company resigned. I wouldn't be surprised if the prick was still there saying his goodbyes.

8. (TIE)
  • Here We Go Again - Some people have no sense of humor. If you can't make jokes about beating up a little girl, dumping her body in the toilet, and urinating on her, then what CAN you make jokes about??!
  • Fuck Richmond - An "American Idol" loser - I said LOSER - comes to my hometown, and all Hell breaks loose.

7. Pluto Responds - Remember when Pluto was downgraded from planet to dwarf planet? Well while the newsies were talking to professors and science geeks, I went straight to the source and landed THE interview!!

6. My Last Will And Testicle - Death is a real bitch. No one can escape it, so best prepare for the inevitable. And that's just what I did last May.

5. Don Henley Meltdown - The most recent post to make the top ten. This interview with the great Don Henley went downhill fast after he was heckled by my blog affiliates.

4. (TIE)
  • What Are The Odds? - A quaint little tale about a day in the life of Dyckerson. A must-read for fans of all ages.
  • Another Sensitive Post - Last September, I slipped in the bathtub and suffered a nasty blow to the head. The result: Sensitive Dyckerson. Warning: Not for the squeamish.
3. Fun With Spammers III: The New Blood - My personal favorite in the Fun With Spammers series, this installment involved our old friend "Barrister Kevin" from the Republic of Benin.

2. If I Did It - I'm not saying this is one of my favorite posts, but if it was, it would probably be somewhere around number two.

.....And the NUMBER ONE POST of 2006.....

1. This Country Is Fucked - Sometimes the comedy just writes itself. Case in point: my post on the absurdity that is Restless Legs Syndrome. Even my staunchest critics couldn't help but admire the brilliance of this piece. Special thanks to the folks at Requip for helping to make this post possible.

So that's it! Many thanks to those of you who voted, even though your votes did not count. May you all have a satisfactory 2007...and please, try not to do anything retarded, ok??

And as we bring this year to a close, I leave you with a poem of inspiration from our old friend Grandpa Dyckerson. Happy New Year!!!


Mr. Fabulous said...

I hate waiting.

DykesDog said...

How can I just pick one from the Mighty Dyckerson. Happy New Year my friend.

Manola Blablablanik said...

Happy New Smear! :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for "Fuck Geese", because it appeals on several levels.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

What makes you people think you can vote? My opinion is the only one that counts here.

Manola - Come over to my place tonight. We'll play a game of "human turnstile" if you know what I mean. ;)

ajooja said...

I can't stand the suspense. I'm about to piss my pants!

RevRee said...

Yeah, sure!! Vote on Dyckerson's blog, but not mine!

It's because I'm only half white, isn't it? I HATE YOU ALL!!!

mel said...

wow, you managed to find 10 worthy of recap hey?
thats interesting.

I can go to bed happy now.. thanks Dyck... mighty kind of ya to share the wealth.

Anonymous said...

I remember liking the Pluto post, so I'll vote for that one, that is if my vote counted in your fucking dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the post where you talked about spending the evening at the ER because you mixed up the electric pencil sharpener with the penis pump again.

~ Stacy ~ said...

Here's some of my favorite Mighty Dyckerson posts from 2006:

8-14-06: Fun With A Scanner!!!

Your mad craftmanship skills were most impressive. Not to mention, delightfully freakish.

9-18-06: Suck My Plinko Stick

You had me at the title.

9-12-06: Another Sensitive Post

Okay, I admit it... I LOVE poetry.

"Love is a river that flows long and deep
It fills my loins and makes me weep
The proper words, I cannot find
For the joy of life has blown my mind."

Too, that bit about "Heavenly organ playing" had me a bit intrigued.

10-17-06: 300,000,000 Assholes & Counting

"America needs a DYCK. Vote Dyckerson in 2008."


10-01-06: The DyCkerson Code

Your psychiatric skills were moderately impressive.


Okay, truth be told... I appreciated the love.

11-03-06: This Country is Fucked

An insanely funny post.

- - - - - - - - -

So there ya have it; these are my guesses for spots in the top 5. Of course, how can one choose only a few from such an accumulation of greatness?

(That wasn't too over-the-top, was it?)

Happy New Year, Mister Dyckerson!

~ Stacy ~ said...

P.S. Geese are evil. Good choice for #10.

~ Stacy ~ said...

P.S.S. "Tune in tomorrow for numbers four through two!!!"

You do, of course, realize that today is actually the tomorrow of the tomorrow in which you insisted we tune in, thereby such fine-tuning would require Dr. Who in order to, um... tune in.


I'm impatient.

Feel the love, asshole.


Anonymous said...

For me, "Dyckie's Back" in September was my first and most memorable introduction to the world of Dyckerson.

Here's to another year of depraved filth from the mighty one! Happy New Year!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

RevRee - No, it's not because you're half white. It's because you're half black.

Dr. LoudLiquid - Your vote does not count, but thanks anyway.

TFG - You should see the size of my pencils.

Stacy - Wow, you actually put some time and thought into your choices! Now I feel bad for using the blindfold & darts method.

RevRee said...

I liked that post where we had that big fight! I love those domestic disputes!

Happy New Year Mighty Man!

photogguy said...

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

Are we supposted to vote or something?

~ Stacy ~ said...

Wow. Cool. I got one right.

Wanna throw some darts at my Lotto slip, Mister Dyckerson? I'm feeling lucky.

btw, I didn't know that ol' Grandpa Dyckerson could cook grits and sew mitts. What a talented little pork stuffer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dyckerson...bring it on baby! I'm game to "feel" even you!

jmeped said...

I vote for the drunk post where you tell me how much you love me and what you like to do with silly string! I'm glad you had a good christmas. That extra cash will come in handy for your booze, hookers and what not.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Jmeped, my adorable lesbian! If you were here right now, I'd show you tricks with silly string that would rock your world!

karla said...

I was particularly fond of 12-10-2006. That was a day you didn't post. It was a nice day.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I know what you mean, Ms. Babble. Sometimes it takes a day or two for my fans to come down from the high they get from reading my blog. This is precisely why I don't post every day.