Banned CXXXVIII: The New Blood

Before I get to tonight's topic, my thanks to all the get well comments and cards. My doctors were completely astounded by my miraculous recovery. They told me an ordinary man would have surely perished...but I am no ordinary man. I am Dyckerson. Also, my thanks to Grandpa Dyckerson for providing the entertainment in my absence: "Eat pork rinds! Eat dead pigs!" Indeed.

Now, on to tonight's festivities. If you're not a Medialiner, you may want to skip this post and go read about RevRee's moist towelettes instead. I'm sure the rest of you know what's coming. Everybody all together now:


Banned from Medialine, that is. Yeah, that's right. And to what do I owe this honor this time??

My operatives tell me it's a forum poster who goes by the name ROY HOBBS. Apparently Mr. Hobbs got himself into a snit over something I said. I have no idea what. But this whiny-ass bitch must have gone and cried to Mark the Moderator. And rather than weigh all the facts, or even ask for my side of the story, Mark and his itchy trigger finger pressed the BAN button on yours truly. Again.

Now I know I don't exactly have a glowing reputation on Medialine, but please. I don't go after specific individuals unless (1) they come after me first, or (2) they are seriously asking for it. By asking for it, I mean being a snotty, arrogant, know-it-all with an ego the size of Uranus. So where does this Roy Hobbs asshat fit in?? Let's look at the facts:
  • He registered with the forum in March 2005.
  • His member number is 8266. What kind of dumbass number is that??!
  • In the last 19 months, he has racked up a mind-boggling 6074 posts. That's over 10 posts EVERY SINGLE DAY for nearly TWO YEARS.
  • He calls himself a "journalist," but really he is a sad, pathetic prick with no sense of humor.
People, I've overcome far worse than this. Are we going to let this filthy douchebag bring me down?? No!! No, I say!!!! I call upon all of you to RISE UP and DEMAND JUSTICE!! Bring Back Mighty Dyckerson!!! And Roy, as Grandpa Dyckerson would say, SUCK MY DEAD PIG!!!!


Anonymous said...

Banned again? Count me in, I'm with ya. I will NOT go back to Medialine until they...

er, um, there's a big discussion there about keeping cellphones away from crotches. Gotta go.

tfg said...

Out of curiousity, how many times have they banned you?

Willo Keays said...

dyckums ... you know i'm on hiatus from the boards. I WON'T be going back there anytime soon.

Soooooooo .... someone else is going to have to head up the campaign this time around.

photoguy .... what's that about cell phones and happy crotches? Did you leave yours on vibrate again?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Photogguy - Gee, thanks. I knew I could count on you.

TFG - I lost count after 37.

Hushwillo - You HAVE to go back there...if only to tell them you won't be going back there!!

Anonymous said...

All joking aside, it's stupid that people there are so serious about everything. It seemed to me that you had really toned down over there. I find your posts entertaining.

the dude said...

Agreed besides laughing at the stupid postings of people who think they are know it alls about everything, your posts brought joy into my life.

RevRee said...

You mean to tell me it's been 37 times i've serviced Mark for you? ??? This really is getting old, my jaw hurts!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Photogguy - Yes, the new Dyckerson is a mere shadow of his former self. Too bad certain moderators cannot appreciate that.

Dude - That's what I'm here for. To bring joy into otherwise pathetic, meanlingless lives like yours. ;)

RevRee - Your jaw hurts??! You must not be doing it right. No wonder he keeps banning me.

east coast producer said...

I created the official thread on Openline! I got to break out some of the ol' photobucket graphics from back in my days of collecting unemployment checks paid for by chumps like you! (Actually, evil evil evil evil evil evil evil Clear Channel).

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Well done, ECP. You have made me proud. Now when are you starting your own forum???

Pud said...

Get the lynch mob ready ~ We're storming MediaLine!!

puerileuwaite said...

In the name of the Unholy (and unhealthy) Clow, I demand justice! Death to the pigs (at Medialine)! Rise! Helter Skelter! And while I'm at it, Up With Miniskirts!

WTF IS Medialine, anyway? A new brand of Vaseline with medicinal properties? Sounds gay to me.

Don't let "Rob Roy" rob the world of the Clown's valuable(?) insights. If you allow this prick to run roughshod over Medialine, pretty soon there will be countless assholes getting into the media biz! We need to keep it 100% free of that element. Like it is right now.

ecp said...

Dyck -- don't you already have your OWN forum?? Why do I need to create one.

Anonymous said...


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