Travel with me back in time, if you will. The year was 2005. It was a warm, sunny summer day. The birds were a-singing, the bees were a-buzzing, and the rats were a-mating. And a handsome, well-endowed young man named Mighty Dyckerson was about embark upon a bold new adventure in blogging...and the Internets would never be the same.

My, how the world has changed since way back then. New Orleans was still a chocolate city, a gallon of gas cost less than two bucks, and Don Knotts was still alive. Fortunately, Dyckerson was here to guide the nation through these troubling times.

Let's all gather 'round the computer screen and relive some of those classic Dyckerson moments...

We begin at the beginning, with Dyckerson's first-ever blog post. Who could forget the sheer anticipation over what was to come?

Over the year, Dyckerson invited us into his palatial condo for an inside look his exciting lifestyle. He also took us on the road, whether he was bonding with nature, visiting faraway lands, or hob-nobbing with the stars. And let's not forget Dyckerson's ongoing fight for freedom of speech on the Internets.

Of course, Dyckerson has corresponded with fans from all over the world and recalled tales of his youth. He has shared with us his love for animals, his dedication to cleanliness, and his respect for law enforcement.

Then there were those special moments that are beyond description. Whether he was reaching out to a colleague, a child in need, or even his fellow bloggers, Dyckerson could always be counted on to put a smile on everyone's face.

But now it's your turn, loyal readers!!! What are your favorite memories of The Mighty Blog? Has Dyckerson touched you in a meaningful way? If so, did you enjoy it? Please, take a moment and share your story with your fellow bloggers. And here's to a year full of laughter, tears, and explosive diarrhea! Long live The Mighty Blog!!!!!


~ Stacy ~ said...

(I'm not sure how this will display in the tiny allotment of comment space, but here goes...)

An Ode To Dyck

Lots of Bloggers in Dyckersonville love Dyck a lot.
But, the Talkative Bitches in Cyberspace do not!
His caustic comebacks, with an intellectual flair,
sent the twaddle twits spinning on plump derrières.

Post by post their puerile realm was shattered.
The witless bitches should have been flattered.
After getting their round rumps thoroughly kicked.
Alas! They now cry, “Oh! I Wish I’d Been Dycked!”

And there you have it, I shout it with GLEE!
GLEE! GLEE! It is my most cherished memory!
The Mighty Dyckerson’s zinging scurrility,
delivered sagacious contempt and contumely.


I didn't want to put it plainly, so I figured I'd write a poem. It is a rough draft, but I'm up too late as it is, so I'm not about to let my need for perfection stall delivery. If my brain was not currently turning to mush, I'd add a gazillion few more lines. [wink]

Ah well, I hope you enjoy.

"Happy Blog Anniversary, Mister Dyckerson!"

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Wow. Just wow. Puerile? Sagacious? Scurrility?

You just made ol' Bobby Frost look like a retard. Marry me.

Manola Blablablanik said...

Congratulations and may we have many more years of your zinging scurrility!

~ Stacy ~ said...


Aw shucks, thanks for the compliment, Mister Dyckerson... and the sweet proposal. Were I not already married and madly in love, I'd be quite tempted to say, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

RevRee said...

I remember way back 365 days ago, the Mighty Man started this blog.
The first template colors were piss green and shit brown.

I remember my favorite blog post by MD it was titled "I'm Back you Morons"

Dyckerson worked long hours spamming other bloggers inviting them to come visit the Mighty Blog.

We've come a long way since June of 2005. Now, Dyckerson is wanted and in high demand by many women and, yes even some men!

Blogs and life are like clay, waiting for us to mold it. And when you trust your own insides that becomes achievement.

That's what Mighty Dyckerson has done. It's a kind of principle that seems to me is at work with everyone.

God bless you Mighty Dyckerson! God bless that principle & potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it!

tfg said...

Happy 1st, Dyck.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Gee, TFG. You sure put a lot of thought into that one. Perhaps you take a cue from the posts of the lovely RevRee and Stacy and SHOW DYCKERSON SOME FUCKING GRATITUDE!

Chief Scientist said...

I hate recap blogs. Want me to post my prediction that the Steelers would go to and WIN the Super Bowl?

I want my three minutes back.

tfg said...

Like I'm going to be able to top "An Ode to Dyck?"

Willo Keays said...
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Willo Keays said...

My favorite moments have been the exchange of loving banter back-and-forth between Dyck and myself. I'd whine about not having a job - Dyck would say the job went to someone internally.

Dyck always knows what to say - and when to say it.

That's why I love Dyck. He's the biggest one of them all!

minwah said...

I don't have a lot to say....

I just wanna do you.

Happy Anniversary.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

OK, I take back what I said about Stacy's poem. That thing was crap.

Minwah, YOUR post is by far the best! Especially the part about you wanting to do me!!

RevRee said...

I'm deleting my comment

Cara said...

I salute you with a queef!!

Big Fan

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Awww Rev, don't be that way! There's plenty of Dyck for everyone!!

That goes for you too, Cara...whoever you are!