More Fun with Spammers!

I'm in the process of trying to unload some crap on CraigsList. Haven't had many serious inquiries, but today I received this lovely helping of spam in my inbox:

From: jerry pretty (jerrypretty223@gmail.com)

Hi and how are you doing??

I came across your above item at craigslist and i am interested in purchasing it from you with all pleasure. But before i go any step further, I would like to know from you if the item is still available for sale and if it is still in perfect working condition, and also if all the accessories (with the product specifications) are still intact, If all this is ok, then i am willing to make an immediate purchase of the item and i don't mind adding a little money to the 'above quoted price' to beat all possible offers. To set the transaction in motion, i will send you a money order for the payment through USPS and once that is through, the next step is to arrange for the item pick up from you via a courrier service and send you the destination info 'cos I ain't staying around the Webster area but i am interested to buy it from you like that so if you are willing to transact with me, simply forward your full name, address, zipcode to which the payment will be mailed out to.

Get back to me urgently on this matter.

Best Regards.

Of course, I could let ol' Jerry down, so I sent him this reply:

Greetings Mr. Pretty!

I am doing well and thanks for asking and I hope you are the same.

The item is indeed still for sale and in perfect working order and all of the accessories are included. You seem like a man who knows how to do business and I look forward to transacting you with all pleasure. Please send your payment without delay to this address:

Barry Handsome
7800 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038

On a side note, I don't blame you for wanting to get out of Webster. I done gone there a few years ago, and I ain't never wanting to go back! That whole place is overrun with internet spammers! You can't trust anyone these days!

Thank you so much and have a pleasurable day.


RevRee said...

I was wondering if maybe you should try and get the hook up for your asian barber/massage/BDSM friend. Have them exchange numbers! It's a match made in heaven!

Little Lamb said...

How are you going to hear back from Jerry Pretty?

Yard Arm said...

I received an email from good ole Jerry yesterday in response to some items I posted on Craigs List. I had a little fun with him too. So how do you keep someone from openly scamming people.

Anonymous said...

yard arm said: "...So how do you keep someone from openly scamming people..."

Answer: find out where they live and break their kneecaps with a tire-iron. then proceed to urinate and defecate on them