R.I.P., BarkieDawg

For those of you who don't know, "BarkieDawg" was a veteran TV producer and a frequent poster on Medialine's message board. He was could be stubborn and opinionated when it came to politics or business, but he was also kind, funny, and generous with his time. We just found out he passed away last month.

I never met the man, and didn't even know much about him until about a year ago. But as many of you Medialiners know, I insult everybody at one time or another. It's never personal, but too often it is taken that way. Well one day, one of my jabs was aimed at ole Barkie. I don't remember exactly what I said (probably an age joke), but I do remember how he responded. I went to check my PM box one day, and there's a message from BarkieDawg himself. I thought, "Great. Here's another asshole who wants to tear me a new one." But that wasn't the case. Instead, he complimented my sense of humor and shared a little piece of himself as well. I PM'd him back, and we became online friends. We kidded each other openly and in PM's, and he offered me some valuable advice, as he did for many. I teased him mercilessly about his artificial legs (he was a diabetic), but rather than take offense, he'd laugh his ass off. Certain others could stand to learn something from that.
Here are a few classic Barkie threads from Medialine...

Barkie on TV ratings

Barkie on TV directing

Barkie on Hollywood

Barkie on NASA

Barkie on business

Barkie on peanut butter - take 1

Barkie on peanut butter - take 2

Barkie on relieving stress

Here's to you, old man. You have my everlasting respect. Woof!


Willo Keays said...

Thanks Dyck for posting those links. I miss Barkie already!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You're welcome, Hush. Now show me your ta-ta's!

It's what Barkie would've wanted...

Anonymous said...

:( I'm in almost every one of them going up against Barkie. :(

But in private he and I were really friendly.

Sad day. Gunna have to have a Corona in honor of the Dawg.


ewink (too lazy to log in)

RevRee said...

Very nice Dyck

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dyck, you can be nice.....for 5 minutes. You're correct though, people should stop being so defensive and taking everything personal. I am an equal opportunist; I make fun of everybody.

Anonymous said...
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Mighty Dyckerson said...

Thanks Rain. Just don't spread it around, OK? I have a reputation to protect!

Ike said...

Barkie was genuine. I already miss him.

RPS said...

First of all, MD, don't ever tell anyone I visited your blog. I have a reputation, too.

Nice post, though. I KNEW you had it in you.

Just to let everyone know, a few of us are holding a simultaneous tribute to the Dawg this Saturday night (the 29th).

At precisely 11:00 pm ET, we'll go outside to toast Barkie and the Georgia moon. (Even if we're standing under an Illinois, California, Alabama, or Canadian, moon.)

Hope y'all join in.


Randy Steinman

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Good idea, Randy. I'm in.

And remember to set your clocks forward 3 hours that night.

Traffic Goddess said...

Randy- Count me in. Woof! BTW- awesome tribute, you made me cry!

Dyck- Thanks for telling me about Barkie. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't. I still can't believe he's gone. I still have PMs in my box from him.
(and no, I'm not showing you my tits.)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

(and no, I'm not showing you my tits.)

Dammit, now you made ME cry!

RIP, Barkie.