The Price of Fame

It seems I have a psychopath who's obsessing over me. This little douchebag goes by several different names - about a dozen at last count, including Bill the Cat, Village Idiot, Stormgod, Don Magic Juan, Scooter78, and many others. And he uses these names to talk shit about me where ever I go. He's even gone so far to create a crappy little blog in my honor. I felt so sorry for the jackass, I even added a link in my sidebar.

This misguided, misinformed little freak doesn't understand why his many usernames have been banned from Medialine, while Mighty Dyckerson lives on. This dipshit even thinks I'm the moderator!! If this dude doesn't get it by now, he never will. He's either playing some elaborate joke that only he gets... or he's truly insane. In either case, I've given him enough of my valuable time. But feel free to read his ramblings at your leisure. I guarantee it'll be good for a laugh or three!


Little Lamb said...

You are obsessed with yourself.

RevRee said...

I'm a big fan of "Dyck" I enjoy "Dyck" very much. I can never get enough "Dyck"

Lamb, how do you feel about "Dyck"?

Little Lamb said...

I feel the same way Revree. I love giving him a hard time and I think he knows it. He tries to avoid me I think.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Lambo, you do give "Dyck" a "hard" time, don't you? Why is that?

Little Lamb said...

Well for starters you always call me Lambo. Also you're the type of person who loves it. You love attention, you crave it.

ewink said...

Mighty, you should be careful. He said that he has his IP weinies back-tracing your IP.

I am unsure what the hell that means - back tracing, sounds like backwards tracing in which case he's have to start at your condo - but I'm still scared.

Life without Dyckerson is a lot like life without life without the McRib and my anime girl obsessed blog!

Love, ewink.
President; Las Vegas Chapter of the Mighty Dyckerson Fan and Stalking Club.

ewink said...

WTF? I'm so upset I'm repeating myself... :| Bah.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Ewink - be careful about WHAT? What have I done to these people??? Sorry, but I get pissed.

It doesn't matter anyway because I've just hired a bodyguard. You may have heard of him... a certain GARY COLEMAN from TV's "Different Strokes"... He may be small, but he's wiry. And now he finally knows what Willis was talkin' bout.

Steve said...

and Im sure gary colemen has had more work then you lately you shit for brains.

Steve said...

I have it from good sources that THE DICKS "condo" is actually a cot at the rescue mission. He has accused me of being obsessed with him. Have any of you actually done a search for THE DICK on the web? I cant believe how many boards this mental midget posts on. Its no wonder he got the boot at his last tv station. Taking about being obsessed...you are so full of yourself DICK that your eyes are brown.

Steve said...

Ok DICK you say I dont get it. Tell me then why I have been banned, because your buttbuddy mark hasnt the balls to answer email. I guess he WILL have to answer the registered letter he will be getting soon tho. So tell me, why is your opinion of any more value than a guy sleeping on a park bench? You dont work in OUR industry, you got booted remember? So why should we listen to you?

brenda said...

and "Angry News Woman", "Cool Aid" and always a favorite to me...MARK THE VOICE.
"An understandable upstanding citizen until he was "hijacked" by some loser who is most probably 75-100 pounds over weight, lives with mom (calls her "mother") and masturbates to Hank Jr music.

MARK THE VOICE holds as much credence as does you.

I'll make bet you have a webcam and you chat naked. On the surface, not a bad thing. But you don't bother to show your face. Just this really small thingy.

"Are you looking at me?". "Come look at the Mighty Dyck". "Naked girls only" (but maybe some good looking young stud).

Come on MARK THE VOICE, give it up and just leave.