Press Conference!!!

Thank you all for coming. Let me begin by saying how deeply and truly touched I am by this outpouring of support after my recent ban from Medialine. The BBMD campaign has been been nothing short of amazing. When I was a little Dyckerson growing up in the projects of Dyckersonville, never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd achieve so much fame and success!

Now here's what we know at this hour. I am still currently banned from Medialine, but there are signs that the opposition may be starting to waver. In the last few days, Dyck sympathizers have turned out in droves to show their support in words and images. As you can see from ECP's screen shot, we had a minor setback last night when a rogue poster named TVShootist went nuts and flooded the message board with tons of meaningless, Dyck-themed threads. I want to state here and for the record that I had absolutely nothing to do with this idiot's actions, nor do I condone them. It was totally out of line, and Mark has every reason to be pissed. Most of these threads were quickly deleted (and rightfully so), but unfortunately many of the legitimate Dyckerson threads were removed as well.

However, there is some good news. As of Saturday, the anti-Dyckerson blog has been removed (but not before I made copies of all their hateful propaganda). Whether they left voluntarily or by force is anyone's guess. But in light of these more recent events, the haters may re-organize and return with a response, but for the moment, we seem to have scored a victory.

So what's the next step? When the Dyck haters first showed up a few weeks ago, I knew we were in for a firestorm, so I emailed Mark in an effort to nip this in the bud. Alas, I received no response. Then after I was banned a week ago, I emailed him again. I wish to point out that these were very sincere, respectful emails. But still no response. It's clear that Mark doesn't want to hear from me, so I would propose that each of you let him how you feel via email. I'm sure Mark is a busy guy, and we certainly don't want to further aggravate him, so I know you'll keep your emails concise, positive, and respectful. And of course, report back here if you receive any response.

In closing, I want to again thank you all for your generous donations of time and effort in the BBMD campaign! Now I'll entertain a few questions...

Nancy Grace: How did all this get started?
MD: It began a few weeks ago when a bunch of assholes came out of the woodwork and started harrassing me endlessly on Medialine. I say "assholes," plural, but I'm certain we're dealing with no more than 2 or 3 nutcases with far too much free time. By their own admission, they created MANY different user names on the forum over a long period of time. They then used these different names to accuse me of many things, most notably of being a racist. I think this is based on some gag pictures I posted of the Katrina looter. Threats were made against me and Medialine. Things escalated, and I said and did some things that I absolutely shouldn't have, and I deeply regret it.

Rita Cosby: So why specifically were you banned?
MD: What the hell is with your voice?!! Anyway, the anti-Dyckers bitched and moaned to Mark, using all their different screen names to appear to be a large group of people. There's no telling what exactly they said. Some of it may have been accurate, but these idiots have lied on many occasions. And sadly, Mark has really only heard their side of it.

Katie Couric: Would you like to see video of the inside of my colon?
MD: No thanks.

Bill O'Reilly: You've been banned numerous times in the past. You love this shit, don't you?
MD: Actually, NO. This is a royal pain in the ass. In previous bannings, I've been able to work things out with Mark and get the ban lifted. Each time, I have made sincere efforts to tone down my act and be sensitive to feelings of others. I feel I have done this quite well. Anyone who's been on Medialine for a long time knows that I used to be much, MUCH more rude and offensive than I am now.

Edward R. Murrow: Which one of you fuckers swiped my Marlboros?!
MD: Next question?

Dan Rather: Mabel, come in from the porch, 'cause this is BIG. This whole thing stinks more than a Texas outhouse in the middle of August. Sounds like these people's asses are tighter than the lug nuts on a '57 Chevy. So why not pull the old Shanghai Surprise and do a double-cross on the flip side?
MD: I believe the question was, why don't I just use a different name or IP address to get back into the forum? Well the answer is quite simply, I don't want to. The name Dyckerson has brand recognition, and with over 3,000 posts, I had achieved veteran status. Plus, I'd prefer not to undermind Mark's authority and go sneaking around against his wishes. Furthermore, I have many of our friend BarkieDawg's old PMs in my inbox, and I would like very much to reread them.

Ann Curry: Any othur thawts youd lik to leeve with the ahdiense?
MD: Pray. And keep fighting the fight. Wear your BBMD ribbons with pride, and spread the gospel of Dyckerson whenever you can. No one should have their lives turned upside down by intimidation and hate mongering. Now show me your ta-ta's.


Little Lamb said...

Wow! When you go out, you go out all the way. There is no middle ground for you, is there?

RevRee said...

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
We shall overcome some day

Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe
We shall overcome some day

Traffic Goddess said...

I'm still fighting for you, Dyckie!

Here's some ta-tas: (*)(*)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Thanks babe! How come you don't visit my forum???

Traffic Goddess said...

Same reason you haven't been on my blog.

Kaos said...

You've got a friend in Georgia. keep up the good fight!

~Major Kaos (General Apathy)

Anonymous said...

I am honored that I have became a part of Mighty Dyckerson's blog. Though, I would like for it to be known that I am not banned from Medialine and I still remain an active user of the forum.

And Mighty, you're still banned. Sorry dude.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Shootist, as long as you keep sneaking back in to Medialine with obvious variations of your name, I suppose you'll remain there.

I, on the other hand, have chosen to take the high road. I will only return if it's on the level.

Anonymous said...

Actually Mighty, Mark the Voice is well aware that I am there and in fact him and I had exchanged emails a couple times on Monday.