To kick off the new season of Mighty Dyckerson's DyckerBlog, we're introducing a brand-new feature!! I will periodically post a link to a message board thread that contains post(s) of an extremely idiotic nature. The author of the post(s) will be the recipient of Mighty Dyckerson's MESSAGE BOARD DIPSHIT OF THE WEEK Award!! Each winner will receive an I LUV DYCK t-shirt and a case of bottled floodwater from New Orleans!!

This week's winner is
"RON MEXICO" for his passionate (yet futile) attempt to rile me, Mighty Dyckerson. This heated exchange can be found here, on the Open Line forum of Medialine. As an added bonus, I've been informed by one of my operatives that this lug nut has himself a little web page, consisting solely of a lameass "name generator" that he probably ripped off from someone else. Congratulations... and Ron, I have a few "names" for you myself!!

you would like to nominate someone for Mighty Dyckerson's MESSAGE BOARD DIPSHIT OF THE WEEK Award, just add a comment to this blog entry along with a link to the offending message board thread!!


mikewjordan said...

ooo pick me pick me, I want to be a dip shit of the week oooo

I've always wondered, if a chick gives Ron Mexico a blow job, will she get the shits? Silly mexican food.

Traffic Goddess said...

Dyck, that guy is such a flaming asshole that I think he must be related to Michael Crook. Get 'em, Dyckie!

RevRee said...
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Mighty Dyckerson said...

Thank you for your support, my friends! And welcome to Mighty Dyckerson's All-New DyckerBlog!!

Remember to send in your nominations for next week's Message Board Dipshit!!!

assnaked said...

I will make you change your life. Black for backgrounds is the color of life. Blue is for...dyckersons. Arrr