Unto This World, A Dyckerson Was Born

Yes, today marks yet another birthday for yours truly. As a public service, I offer you all the chance to save your $$$ on cards and stamps by sending your greetings and well-wishes here. Fuck Hallmark. In the event that our servers become overloaded, please try again later.


WX Chick said...

Congrats on being another year older Dyck.
Do I see a trip to Chuck-E-Cheese in your near future? You can kick all those little kids out of the ball pit! What better way to celebrate?? :-)

Kaos said...

Mad props, yo.

brenda said...

I simply went to another kiddie porn site. All in your honor.

Publish your obit and I'll be fucking impressed.

~ Stacy ~ said...

Hmmm, if your birthday is in June, then you wouldn't be a Capricorn, as your blogger profile states. So which is it, Mr. Dyckerson... June or January? Color me curious.