Test Your Dyckerson IQ!

So you say you're a Dyckerson fan. But how well do you really know him? Take THE DYCKERSON CHALLENGE and find out!

On your way home, you pass by a building that's engulfed in flames. You see a young boy screaming for help from an upstairs window. What would Dyckerson do???
A. Call the fire department on his cell phone.
B. Run into the inferno and attempt to rescue him.
C. Videotape the blaze and sell the tape to a local news station.

You're having a casual conversation with a co-worker. You notice she has a booger hanging from her nose. What would Dyckerson do???
A. Discreetly gesture toward her nose.
B. Look the other way.
C. Say, "Hey shithead. You've got a snot on your nose."

You're having a business lunch with your boss at a fancy restaurant. The boss picks up the tab (over $100). The service was excellent, but he leaves only a $2.00 tip on the table. What would Dyckerson do???
A. Politely remind the boss that the customary amount for gratuities is 20%.
B. As you leave, slip back to the table and add a few dollars.
C. When the boss isn't looking, steal the $2.00 and the silverware.

As part of your job, you are required to take a training course at a nearby college and pass a tough exam. However, the night before the exam, instead of studying, you attend a wild party and become intoxicated. What would Dyckerson do???
A. Ask the instructor if he can reschedule the exam.
B. Cram as much as possible that morning.
C. Sit next to the Chinese guy and copy his answers.

You're driving your extremely attractive, 16-year-old babysitter back to her home after an evening out with the wife. On the way, she begins flirting and offers to perform sexual favors for you. What would Dyckerson do???
A. Thank her for the offer, but explain that she is too young, and he is a happily married man.
B. Fire her immediately.
C. Rent a motel room under a fake name and pay cash.

Let's find out how you did...

If you answered "A" for any question, give yourself 1 point.
If you answered "B" for any question, give yourself 2 points.
If you answered "C" for any question, give yourself 3 points.

Now add your total...

0-14: You're not fit to wipe Dyckerson's ass. Begone.
15: Congratulations! You're a real Dyckerson fan!


major kaos said...

i got a 15! i'm a dyck fan!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Well done, my friend!