Essay Contest!

Here's a great chance for you to brush up on your writing skills. Sharpen those pencils and get ready!

Your assignment: In 500 words or less, explain how Dyckerson has changed your life. Maybe Dyckerson's humor has gotten you through a difficult time in your life. Perhaps Dyckerson's wisdom and philosophy has changed the way you view the world. Or maybe Dyckerson has touched you personally in some other way. Share your experiences.

First place prize: A DyckerBlog t-shirt and travel mug.
Second place prize: A free G-Mail invite.
Third place prize: I'll mention your name in a Medialine message board thread.

Judging will be based on content, style, punctuation, and Kelsey Grammer. All entries must be submitted as a comment on this blog entry and timestamped no later than midnight, June 27, 2005.

Good luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

Tut tut.

Dyckerson has touched me, and I'd like to tell you how.

First, he ungloved his hand.

Then, he touched me.

It was nice, but a little weird.

Afterwards, I couldn't perform sexually with my blow up doll anymore.

It changed my life.

Anonymous said...

Because POC can't take a blow up doll up the ass?
No reach around?

No hot DYCK breath against your lower back as DYCK tries but fails to pound his cum into your lower intestines?
Maybe down your throat?

DYCKfuck is the bomb.