Essay Contest Winner!

All of the entries for the "How has Dyckerson touched you" essay contest have been received and reviewed by our panel of judges. It was a tough call, but a decision has been made.

The winner is POC for his moving and inspiring piece:

Dyckerson has touched me, and I'd like to tell you how.

First, he ungloved his hand.

Then, he touched me.

It was nice, but a little weird.

Afterwards, I couldn't perform sexually with my blow up doll anymore.

It changed my life.

For winning the essay contest, POC will receive a DyckerBlog t-shirt and travel mug. Thanks to all for participating. And remember, there are no losers...except on Mighty Dyckerson's DyckerBlog!!!


pro-dizzle of commun-izzle said...

I can't believe no one has commented on my wonderful win.

brenda said...

DUCK is an asshole

brenda said...

is that enough?

brenda said...

you are one sick fuck.
tendancies of homosexual sex.

does dyck swallow?

brenda said...

DIKE, you are such a fucking loser.
Nice to see that you're "taking care of business" here.

brenda said...

The original post started June 27th, 2005.

Good to see that this waste of space can maintain it's BLOG.

It doesn't even come here.

That speaks volumes.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Another satisfied customer!!

Thanks, Brenda, for your 48 incoherent posts! Well done!